Echt Profis! Für Um-, An- & Ausbau, Sanierung Handwerker-Qualitätsverbund
Echt Profis! Für Um-, An- & Ausbau, SanierungHandwerker-Qualitätsverbund

everyday-helper, Alltagshelfer Korschenbroich Kleinenbroich für PKW, Wohnung, Haus, Immobilie, Hausmeister, Gartenhelfer, Haushelfer, Urlaubshelfer, Umzugshelfer, Winterhelfer für Berufstätige, für Kapitalanleger, für Vermieter, für die Generation 50plus, für Senioren, flexible Unterstützung, Hausmaen fuer kleinere Reparaturen, Lampen auf- oder abhängen. Fahrräder reparieren. Urlaubsvertretung.

"Fortunately, we now have a reliable everyday helper. He takes care of us all around. We can also go on vacation again without worries. What was that difficult and cumbersome in the past when we still do a lot ourselves or look for a craftsman for everything Now we rely on our everyday helpers. Nothing is too difficult and nothing too much. We are thrilled!"

  41352 AlltagsHelfer Korschenbroich
around apartments, houses and real estate

From now on also your AHK too: 0152/1234567

Good day. Nice people call me Mick.

I am also your everyday helper in and around

41352 Korschenbroich - Kleinenbroich.

As a tenant, owner, apartment, house and real estate owner, you will receive support from me with care, maintenance and (minor) repairs of your apartment, house and property, (front) garden, access roads - including yours Cars - and with all the small jobs that nobody wants to do or the craftsmen are too small or simply in the way.


I am at your side with a wide range of services if you need a helping hand. I'm even there when you want to go on vacation.

* apply to both the male and female form

Moving helpers

  • Moving out of an apartment or house
  • Close the dowel holes
  • "Beautify" paint damage
  • Lamps depend
  • Eliminate plaster damage
  • clean
  • Moving into an apartment or house
    • Drill dowel holes
    • Renew the doorbell plate
    • Hang up lamps
    • move
    • clean

House helper

  • Clean balcony surfaces
  • Put out the flower boxes, bring them in
  • Small repairs of bicycles
  • Clean window sills
  • Clean basement windows
  • Clean the basement light shaft
  • Hang the flag and flagpole up and down again
  • Small and mini repairs
  • Describe doorbell labels
  • Hang up / hang up fairy lights
  • Clean awnings
  • Repair damage to the plaster
  • Clean the shuttersa

Garden helpers

(with garden subscription!)

  • Shorten and cut trees and hedges
  • Dispose of garden / organic waste
  • cut the grass
  • Clean and repair terrace and path slabs
  • Weed / remove weeds

Vacation helper

  • Watering flowers, trees and plants
  • vacation replacement
  • Hot water pipes
  • open at regular intervals
  • "Flood" toilet / waste water pipes

Winter helper

  • Winter service
  • Clear ice and snow
  • Sprinkle aids
  • Protect plants, make them winterproof

etc. etc. etc.

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